Monday, September 19, 2011


So I have learned something new, caught up (a bit) with the times and created a blog.  Prior to this, I wasn't sure why I would be one to blog.  Why would anyone want to read my thoughts or opinions?  I always figured people's reactions to my regular ramblings would be "So?"  So I didn't have a blog... until now. 

Over the weekend, I learned that saying "So" is Biblical.  Psalms 107:2 states "Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so."   (For further explanation on where I got this insight, watch Tyler Perry's "Big Happy Family" for a speech made by Madea based on Psalms 107:2 :o)

So if that's your reaction to what I have shared, I will rejoice with you as one the Lord has redeemed from the enemy and I will also say "So!"  And, upon further ponderance of those two little letters put together... "S" and "O", there may be power in that word afterall.  I am going to practice saying "SO" just to see all the different meanings, expressions, connotations and reactions that can come of it.   And for now, you might react with "So?" as in "What's your point?" but I'm going to conclude with "So...." as in "I'm just getting started but have to think on that for a bit so be patient with me as we see where we go from here..."

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