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Probably one of my favorite photos of Jaren.  Mom says it's a sad looking photo but when I look at it, I see a strong, independant young man marching off for his first day of school!  These were some of the papers that I won from the Nikki Sivils layout challenge for November...  I'm sure you'll see them showing up again soon on more school layouts... good thing Jaren's got a few more years to go!

From before he was born, David has been reading Jaren the Dr. Seuss book "Baby Oh Baby" so when I found the quote from Dr. Seuss, it seemed a natural to use on this Nikki Sivils layout.  Then, to add more sentiment yet, I used pages from my all-time favorite book "The Power of One" as some of the background paper.  Can't wait until Jaren's old enough to read to him about Peekay and life in Africa...

I was so proud of the "Leprechaun Catcher" that Jaren and I built for his St. Patrick's Day project at school that it seemed only natural to take photos and make a page.  I was so excited when he brought home his printing book and I found he had written a 'story' about the day.  I photocopied his printing and used his own words and handwriting as the journalling for this page.

A page that will always pull at my heartstrings...  Made with Kiki Art paper.

Ahhh... good times in the Cayman Islands...  How can you not enjoy seeing such once-in-a-lifetime experiences for your kids!  Only later did I realize that I was so busy taking pictures, I didn't take my own opportunity to interact with the dolphins!
One of my very favorite pages done primarily with Basic Gray Papers, Bling and Letters.  This was a great day that ended up producing some great photos, memories and a great page! LOVE the photo of Elora's mittened hand holding the pine cone with the lady bug on it!

How can you NOT end up with some very colorful photos and pages when you hang out with such a bunch of clowns all the time?!?! 

When I'm feeling down and sorry for myself, I look back on this page to remember my week "working" in Cancun during the "Crop Tropical" trip and know that I really enjoyed myself that week.  Even endulged in a "Chocolate Body Wrap" one afternoon at the spa...  LOVE the texture with the 'sand' effect and the smoothness of the 'chocolate' letters on this page...

Using some of my favorite Canadian papers from "Kiki Art" to make a fun "exploring" page that has hidden flaps, photos and journalling boxes...

You'd never know we were at the "Lion Country Safari" in Florida having the time of our lives but Jaren paused for just a brief moment of melancholy.... just long enough for me to snap a photo which would, years later, make a great focal point for a "Black and White Page Challenge."  Products used - Nikki Sivils paper, Clear embossing powder, Colorbox Chalk, Scrapbook Sally Cardstock, Xyron Sticker maker, Pop Dots
Something light and fun done with Kiki Art Paper and Little Yellow Bicycle.

Here's a fun one I did using a sketch from (sketch #193)...

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